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Nat Schwartz's Student's Animation Gallery
This Gallery represents a small sample of student work
created with the guidence and in association with
Nat Schwartz as teacher, mentor and critic.

Nat Schwartz's Student's Art Work 1993

In 1993, Nat Schwartz, as part time faculty, helped launch a new "Computer graphics Major" at International Fine Arts College. This major introduced students to a wide spectrum of graphic techniques including; animation, multimedia, graphic design and digital media.
First graduatiing class was about 32 students.


In 1997, Nat Schwartz, as full time faculty, worked to create a division of programs to establish indpendent commercial art, multimedia and computer animation. This transition period marked a signifigant change in direction from a Macintosh centric all in one platform to the Animation/Post Effects focus of the SGI (Silicoln Graphics) platform. At the end of 1997 we moved the Animation department to Alias Power Animator(PA).
Approx. 76 students


In 1998, the first class working completely on SGI and Alias started production. In 1998, Alias |Wavefront also introduced Maya , its new flagship 3D product, so just as we started teaching PA we switch to Maya before the renderes were done. But we got a lot of work done and on tape.
Approx. 92 students

In 2002, Nat Schwartz was Chairman of Animation Department, we were offering both BFA and MFA in Animation. The wonderful work produced by both graduating classes best represents the highly coordinated efforts of many professors, exceptional quality computer facilities provided by the school and the dedication and determination of the amazingly talented young people.
Approx. 150 undergrad Approx. 14 MFA
In 2005, Nat Schwartz was professor of Multimedia at University of Miami. The ART292 class focused on the use of Macromedia Flash to create Animation and Student Interactive Portfolios.
Approx. 30 students in classes  
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