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Public Service
Broadcast Television
Use: Super Bowl XXX Pre-game Show Open
Client: NBC Sports & National Football League (NFL)
Description: 3D animation and composited with video of classic western movie footage with football play action from the two bowl finalists. Designed to introduce Superbowl XXX to a person world wide multimillion audience, stylized to reflect the teams' hometown.
Use: Voter Mobilization and Educational by the most popular HBO television show.
Description: Television Commercial Animation
Client : HBO and YouthVote Coalition

at offers extensive experience in the production of broadcast quality television media, covering all creative aspects, from pre-production through post.

Nat creates Pre-Visualizations, Commercials, TV Show-Opens, Interstitials, and 3D/composited elements in High Definition for Documentaries.

Nat has produced digital media including 3D animation, special effects, compositing, and editing.  
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