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  Digital Media Production Experience

Nat has been producing animation, multimedia and graphics for more three decades and teaching Digital Media and designing the teaching curriculum for twenty years.

  • Starting with programming and interactive design in 1977 with the purchase with one of the first Apple II's in the city. Apple allow him to Program Software that would create images on screen and allow for control using the keyboard, joystick and 2 paddle set and menus to control the way software performed in real time... game like.
  • Nat has produced animation, multimedia and graphics for more three decades.
    "Digital Media" grew ontop of the arrival of early personal computer with advannced graphics abilities.From the begining of the PC revolution Nat was attracted to the ability of a computer to be harnessed to create "Digital" art work using programming and user interface. His first commercial programming project was 3D animated eye training application for an Opthomologist "Eye Doctor" who required the use of Anaglyph (red-blue) glasses. The eye training was writting in programming language to animate two objects at the same time, one for each eye, each a different color and each having its own unique movements to make the combined image acurate 3D movement.
  • With the dawn of Digital Graphics Nat moved his focus to using the up an coming tools of the trade starting with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator from their beginnings.
  • Then going interactive with Apple's Hypercard, Macromind's Director and Flash working with both animation and programming at the same time. Dreamweaver became part of the mix with the dawn of the Web.
  • As opportunities arose, Nat dove into the world of animation to complete interactive projects he was working on. 3D Animation employs most every graphic tool learned thus far including Photoshop for Textures, Illustrator for model shapes using curves. With the delivery of a revolutionary new program, After Effects, digital graphics, video, type and 3D animation could be layered and manipulated like Photoshop with motion.
  • Cutting edge 3D came to town with the first use of Alias/Wavefront's Maya. Now Autodesk Maya, it provided the ability to create the most amazing digital images and 3D visualizations. After years working with and teaching media production tools,
    Nat was appointed to be chairperson of the Department of Audio/Video and later an appointment as the chairperson of the Department of Computer Animation which had both an accredited BFA and MFA programs.
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