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Public Service
Animation and Design for Promotion & Presentations

NatMax has constructed 3D walkthroughs that enable you to take a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of a project, providing a comprehensive view and understanding of your efforts. Animation can be delivered in several formats, including but not limited to CD-ROM, DVD, and VHS. (see our media format section.)

These visualizations are compelling marketing instruments, useful for generating sales before any construction investment begins.

Abdo Development's
Bryan School Lofts in 3D

Use: Pre-visualization and pre-construction marketing and sales.

Description: Broadcast Television and Web Animated and Composited Presentation

Client : Abdo Development

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Virtual 3D Panorama Movies
A panorama allows you to turn the camera in all directions inside of a photo-realistic environment. For example, look inside living room or kitchen. Look up, down right and left.
Click on Rooms to View Quicktime3D Panorama
Note: A new "all white" window will open and it may take seconds to a minute to become visible.
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Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2

Controlling panorama movies:
old the mouse button down over 3D image and drag while holding button down. Right, left, up and down.
To Zoom in/out - press the SHIFT key or the Control Key, while viewing 3D panorama.  
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