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Photo-Realistic Architectural Design

Marketing and pre-visualization
Client: Abdo Development,

Animation created for pre-visualization and  marketing of luxury loft condominiums, scheduled for fall 2003 delivery

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Nat Schwartz has constructed 3D walkthroughs that enable you to take a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of a project, providing a comprehensive view and understanding of your efforts. Animation can be delivered in several formats from streaming to Blu-ray. These visualizations are compelling marketing instruments, useful for generating sales before any construction investment begins.

Nat synthesizes 3D visualizations that enabled a world wide audience to take a virtual tour of the interiors and exteriors of a structure that has not yet been built. Providing a comprehensive view and understanding of ideas has been a challenge met with each and every project completed. Nat delivers animated landscaping, water fountains and fireplaces to accentuate a realistic feel. Living creatures (human and animal) also add a sense of reality within architectural visualizations. Through the repeated evaluation of 3D renders through out the design process, students and clients get more chances to evolve their designs. 3D makes it possible to visualize what would be otherwise be trapped in the mind. Commercial software has evolved to a level of photo-realistic detail as the scenes have grown more complex.

Virtual 3D Panorama Movies
A panorama allows you to turn the camera in all directions inside of a photo-realistic environment. For example, look inside living room or kitchen. Look up, down right and left.
Click on Rooms to View Quicktime3D Panorama
Note: A new "all white" window will open and it may take seconds to a minute
for the 3D Panorama to become visible.
Living Room 1
Kitchen 1
Living Room 2
Kitchen 2
Roof Loft

Controlling panorama movies:
Hold the mouse button down over 3D image and drag while holding button down.
Right, left, up and down.
To Zoom in/out - press the SHIFT key or the Control Key, while viewing 3D panorama.

3D Photographic Image Gallery  
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