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Nat is a team player with strong leadership skills. Under his leadership, multiple digital media departments have been founded and renovated with great success.

Nat helps developers and individuals to express their ideas and mental images in the form of visually captivating 3D Architectural and Commercial Visualizations, delivered on DVD, by Internet and in Photo Quality printed media. Current projects include the construction of high efficiency homes for the Miami-Dade home market.

Nat Schwartz, Principle/Design Director, has over two decades of experience with a wide variety of deign projects and media production projects. From developing computer animated eye training exercises in the 1970's to creating fully photo realistic Architectural Renderings.

Working with Infinite Image (Hollywood), Nat took on responsibility for the end to end planning and production to delivery of an animated mixed media video that was scene by millions of views around the world. Nat returned to the academia to assume the position of Chairman of the Department of Computer Animation at International Fine Arts College (Miami)  
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